FINAL SHOW FOR 2018 (posted: 2018-12-23)

Troisdorf, thanks for an amazing night and for ending this
incredible year on a high note with us!

We've had a great time, even though we had to play without our drummer Tobias Parke, because he is currently expecting the birth of his first child any minute. But the awesome audience didn't seem to mind the drums coming from the backing track!

Further we'd also like to thank Torsten (left side on the picture), Petra, TaktArt and everybody else who created the "Bauhaus Live" concerts and supported underground music this way over the past decade!

"TIP OF THE MONTH" IN ROCK HARD GERMANY (posted: 2018-11-18)

We are extremely proud to share
that "Of Origins Unearthed" was named
"Tip Of The Month" by german Rock Hard Magazine in their self produced section!

The new issue is out on Nov. 21st
- A big thanks to the whole Rock Hard team for this honor!


"Of Origins Unearthed" is conquering the world!
All blue countries have already been invaded by the album and we wanted to
thank you all for your incredible support of this release!

NEW SINGLE + FREE EP (posted: 2018-09-01)

The wait is over! After four years we are proud to release the first new track of our next album "Of Origins Unearthed"

But you can not only check out the mad riff overload that the tracks supplies with the official lyrics video, but you can also download the song for FREE as a part of the "Proclamation Of Death" 3-Track EP.

Click here to secure your free download!

You can also still pre-order the record in our official merch-store and receive a signed A2 poster of the incredible artwork for FREE with your CD! So be quick!

NEW ALBUM ANNOUNCED (posted: 2018-08-26)

After one year of intense work, we are proud to announce the release of our third album "Of Origins Unearthed" on October 3rd, 2018!

The album was recorded and mixed by Tobias Dahs at Leviathan Headquarter throughout the past year and was mastered by Sebastian "Seeb" Levermann (ORDEN OGAN) at Greenman Studios in August of 2018. The artwork, which for the first time features the Leviathan on it's front-cover, was created by Maurice Mosqua of Calvariam Design

Starting from today pre-orders for the record are also online in our official merch-store and will be shipped a week prior to release. The first 50 orders will also receive a signed A2 poster of the incredible artwork for FREE! So be quick!

"Of Origins Unearthed" will feature the following tracks:

1. Back to Zero (Intro)
2. Beyond the Stars
3. Proclamation of Death
4. Keep Going
5. The Eye of the Storm
6. Lake of Blood
7. Sorrow
8. Come Forth, Leviathan!
9. Whatever

New Endorsement with SKG Guitars (posted: 2018-07-06)

We are extremely proud to announce that Tobias Dahs will from now on be supported by dutch guitar manufacturer SKG Guitars. Here is what Tobias had to say:

"I am very proud that Henri Sattler, mastermind of dutch legends GOD DETHRONED, as well as founder and owner of SKG Guitars, has given me this great opportunity. I can only recommend to you all to check out this little company that builds amazing guitars at a very reasonable price. I at least can't wait to take my new Blackfyre out to our upcoming shows this fall and i look forward to a long and successfull cooperation with Henri and his team."

Leviathan 2018 (posted: 2018-05-06)

Shows in May as four-piece - new bass player from June 1st

It's time to update you on our new line-up. Unfortunately we had to part ways with our longtime bass player Tom Heinz, since he is not able to devote as much time to the band as needed. Starting June 1st he will be replaced by the incredible Hendrik Franke (TRANSGRESSION, MARTYRION) who some of you have already seen on stage with us at our reunion show in March. But since Hendrik will be on a long planned vacation during May, we will be playing the upcoming two shows as a four-piece with bass guitar coming from the backing tracks.

The decision to part with Tom hasn't been an easy one, since he as been an important member from the start in 2007. But after one year of absence, with us not able to plan for upcoming shows and releases, we just simply had to make a cut in order to allow us to move ahead with all our plans for the future. We are very sorry about that and want to point out, that there is no bad blood or anything
between Tom and the rest of us!

Shows im Mai als Quartett - neuer Bassist ab 1. Juni

Heute wird es Zeit euch auf den neusten Stand in Sachen Besetzung bei LEVIATHAN zu bringen, denn nachdem wir ein Jahr ohne unseren Bassisten Tom auskommen mussten, haben wir uns entschieden ab dem 1. Juni den Posten am Bass an Hendrik Franke (MARTYRION, TRANSGRESSION) weiterzugeben. Von seinen Qualtiät am Viersaiter konnten sich einige von euch bereits bei unserer Reunion-Show in Siegburg überzeugen, wo er uns bereits ausgeholfen hat. Leider verbringt Hendrik allerdings den größten Teil des Mais auf einer lange geplanten Urlaubsreise, weswegen wir die kommenden beiden Shows zu viert mit den Bass-Spuren vom Backing Track bestreiten werden.

Wir möchte auch noch einmal sagen, dass die Enscheidung uns von Tom zu trennen keinesfalls einfach war, immerhin war er vom Beginn im Jahr 2007 ein wichtiges Mitglied der Band. Aber nachdem wir nun ein Jahr lange auf ihn gewartet haben und er auch auf absehbare Zeit nicht wieder zu uns gestoßen wäre, mussten wir einfach eine Entscheidung treffen, um mit unseren anstehenden Plänen wie dem neuen Album voranzukommen. Trotzdem gibt es keinerlei böses Blut zwischen uns, nur auf Dauer wäre eine Liveshow mit Bass-Spuren aus der Retorte einfach keine Lösung für uns gewesen.

Thank you Siegburg! (posted: 2018-04-01)

One week has passed and we still can't believe how lucky we have been
to celebrate our return to the stage with all you wonderful people!

We want to again thank everybody who came to see us
and made this a very special night for all of us.

Now we will take a month to continue to work on the next album
before we return to the stage for two more anniversary shows:

  • 12.05.2018 - Rise Of The Underground Vol. 4 - Gelsenkirchen
  • 26.05.2018 - Open Maiberg Air - Karlstadt

New show confirmed (posted: 2018-02-06)

While we are still working hard on our next album, we are also proud to confirm our next show for 2018:

When: 12th May 2018

Where: Consol4 - Gelsenkirchen

Prize: VVK 8 € / AK 10 €

With: Asenblut, Axolotl and Burden Of Life

10th Anniversary Show (posted: 2017-11-11)

We are proud to finally announce our 10th anniversary show and our first concert in 4 years!

Fitting to the occasion we will play an extra long setlist with far over one hour of playing-time, including songs from all our albums so far!

When: 23th March 2018

Where: Kulturcafé - Siegburg

Prize: VVK 4 € / AK 5 €

Supports: Hereditary + Kelevra

Tickets will be available soon in our official store.

New Anniversary Shirt (posted: 2017-10-20)

Celebrating our 10th anniversary this year, we are not only planning some special shows for early 2018, we also have created a very special shirt-design to mark this milestone in our career.

The design was executed by Calvariam Design and combines the phoenix as a symbol for the return of LEVIATHAN after a long break, as well as the anniversary.

The shirt itself is now available as a girlie and men's version at our official store as a pre-order, which will be shipped around November 8th.

In addition to the shirt we also offer you the chance to buy a hoodie with the design exclusively as a pre-order. That means that the hoodie will only be available as a pre-order until October 25th 6 p.m. CET. Afterwards the hoodie won't be available in our store!
So make sure to be quick with your order.

Line-Up changes (posted: 2017-10-15)

Most of you know that we did not only lose a keyboard-player when Fabian had to leave, but also someone who was supplying clean and backing-vocals on stage and in the studio.

While the gap on keys could easily be filled by backing-tracks, we had to search for an addition to our line-up to enable us to perform with mutliple voice singing on stage.

And after a few weeks of rehearsals we are proud to welcome Jule Dahs (Ex-Skadika) on board!

From now on she will be adding her voice to our sound with clean vocals, as well as some additional growls and shouts.

And for all of you who might be worried now: LEVIATHAN will not become a Female-Fronted-Band and we won't turn into Nightwish anytime soon!
Instead Jules voice is just going to add another color to our sound just as Joy Masala did on our studio productions ("The Scourge We Wield", "About Fangs And Feathers")

Update August 2017 (posted: 2017-08-17)

We are back online!
After the split of the band in July 2013 there has been a long phase of silence, but now we are back in full strength and starting with rehearsals for the upcoming Reunion-Shows!

Further on LEVIATHAN is also celebrating it's 10th anniversary in 2017. To mark the occasion we are currently preparing recordings for a special release, which will be coming your way later in the year.

So there are plenty of reasons to keep yourself updated on our next moves. And while we are still getting back in shape, you can find some special priced items in our Official Store since we are clearing our stock for future endeavours.